सांस्कृतिक कार्य संचालनालय

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      |  टेक्स्ट साईझ   


Name of the Applicant :

Name of the person in charge with designation :

Full Address of the Troupe :
Whether the troupe is registered
under the Societies Act. :

If Give Registration No. :

Whether it is a proprietor organization
If so, name of the proprietor. :

Name of program i.e. whether Drama
Qawali, Tamasha, Orchestra etc. :

Whether the script is approved by
the Stage Scrutiny Board. (If So, please
attach a copy of approval Certificates.) :

Numbers of artistes taking part in
the program Of above party. :

Whether they are permanent member of
the Muster of the party (The artistes
should have Been at least on the muster of
the party for Minimum six months.) :

Full name of the members in the party
in whose Favor the Railway Concession
is applied for (to be given in full
in the prescribed form) on Letter head. :

Whether the artistes mentioned in the
list are Professional/amateur. Please note. :

Name of the organization with full address :
Who had fixed the program and the name
of the town where the program is fixed :
Railway concession asked for FROM :
TO :
Date of Journey :
Date of Program :
please state the date and Certificate No.
issued. by this office last time. :
N.B--(1) The certificate for Railway concession will be issued after four days of the date of receipt of the application.
(1) The application must be filled in full Incomplete application will not be accepted.
(2) Full name of all the artistes traveling with their ages must be given in the enclosed statement in duplicate.
(3) Aphotostate copy of the program fixed as indicated at sr. No. 4 (Four) must be accompanied with the application.
No certificate of Railway concession will be issued.
Unless all the above requirements are complied with.